Albuquerque Iwama Aikido

Albuquerque Iwama Aikido is a group of both new and experienced aikidōka led by Nicholas Johnson Sensei and Patrick Hudson Sensei


Paul Barrett Sensei founded Albuquerque Iwama Aikido several years ago. He founded the program as a club at the University of New Mexico and then decided to teach Iwama style aikido in Albuquerque through Recreational Services at UNM.


In January of 2018 he moved the program off campus to its fomer location at 4312 Lomas Boulevard NE in Albuquerque. The program then merged with East Mountain Aikido led by Charles Stein Sensei and took on the name Duke City Dojo. During the transition to non-profit status East Mountain Aikido and Albuquerque Iwama Aikido once again separated into separate programs. Information about affiliated instructor Paul Barrett Sensei and other previous instructors can be found here.


Albuquerque Iwama Aikido welcomes students of all levels who wish to learn about Aikido and begin practicing. As we are currently operating out of public parks and with New Mexico state guidelines limiting the size of gatherings we are exlusively focused on weapons based practice (bukiwaza) and keeping class sizes to five individuals or less. Our aikido program is part of the of the Takemusu Aikido Association.

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