Aikido Organizations and Headquarters

Takamusu Aikido Association -

An American Iwama Aikido Organization


Ibaraki Dojo, Iwama Japan -

The Iwama dojo


Hombu Dojo, Tokyo Japan -

The World Headquarters of all Aikido

Recommended Dojos outside of Albuquerque

These are dojos where Sensei Barrett or other Active Arts members have trained or are lead by previous or affiliated former instructors


Aikido Arts Center Santa Fe -

My home dojo in New Mexico led by Bill Smythe Sensei


Aikido Berlin-Karow -

A dojo in Berlin, Germany founded and led by Wolfgang Baumgartner Sensei, my first Aikido Sensei


Shinau Aikido –

A wonderful Iwama dojo founded and led by Tom Rennie Sensei but don’t get Rickrolled!


Aikido in Fredricksburg -

If you are on the east coast check out this great dojo founded and led by Aviv Goldsmith Sensei


North County Aikikai -

A San Diego County dojo affiliated with Birikai International and led by Coryl Crane Sensei


Aikido At The Center -

An Iwama Dojo in Tucson led by Judith Robinson Sensei


Sonoran Aikikai -

A fine Tucson dojo affiliated with Birankai International.  Sonoran Aikiki is led by Diane Deskin Sensei


Sandia Budokan Aikido -

A wonderful Albuquerque dojo.  The Aikido program is led by James Cornfield Sensei

Aikido Supplies

Tozando -

Our newest supplier.  High quality weapons and uniforms made in Japan with free shipping to the United States.


Nippon Budogu -

High quality weapons


E-Bogu -

Good quality yet inexpensive clothing


Erler's Martial Arts -

Local Albuqerque martial arts supplies

Non-Aikido Links

The National Homepage of Wa Shin Ryu Ju-jutsu -

A traditional ju-jutsu style and program headed by Dr. Andrew Yiannakis.  In Albuquerque they are also affiliated with Sandia Budokan.


Institute for Traditional Martial Arts at the University of New Mexico -

An organization developed to promote traditional Asian martial arts.

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